Investigating the impact of corporate courts on the ground

ISDS case studies

‘Corporate courts’ may sound abstract, but their impact on people and the planet is real, and devastating.

From suing governments for phasing out coal, to threatening democratic protests, here are some real-life examples of what this unfair legal system can do, and why we need to fight it.

Fossil fuels

Ascent Resources v Slovenia

British fossil fuel company is threatening to sue Slovenia in a corporate court for requiring an environmental impact assessment for a controversial gas fracking project.

RWE v the Netherlands

One energy company suing the Netherlands over phasing out coal power stations…

Uniper v the Netherlands

… and another energy company suing the Netherlands over phasing out coal power stations!

Rockhopper v Italy

British oil company suing Italy over a ban on offshore oil drilling near the coast.

Anglo-American v Colombia

UK mining giant suing Colombia after a national court prevented the expansion of the Cerrejón open cast coal mine.

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Lone Pine v Canada

Oil and gas company suing the Canadian government over a moratorium on fracking in Quebec.

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Chevron v Ecuador

US oil firm sued Ecuador after compensation ordered for devastating Amazon oil spill.

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Philip Morris V Australia

Tobacco giant sues Australia over plain packaging for cigarettes.

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Agro EcoEnergy v Tanzania

Sugar plantation investor accused of a land grab is suing after the Tanzanian government took back the land title.

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Public services

Anglian Water V Argentina

Water company sued when Argentina froze water prices during a financial crisis.

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Biwater v Tanzania

British water company sues Tanzania for ending failed water contract.

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Lydian v Armenia 

Mining company threatened to sue when protestors blockaded a gold mine and government allowed the protest to go ahead.

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Gabriel Resources v Romania

Mining company suing over a gold mine that would have displaced two thousand people in Romania.