Take action for a People’s Vaccine
People's Vaccine not Profit Vaccine banner on Westminster Bridge. Credit: Jess Hurd

Take action for a People’s Vaccine

At current rates of vaccination, the G7 countries will vaccinate their populations by 8 January 2022. It will take low-income countries 57 years to vaccinate theirs.

Using all capacity for vaccine production globally could make a huge difference. But the UK government is one of the handful of rich countries blocking a proposal at the World Trade Organization to remove production monopolies from big pharma.

We need urgent action to put pressure on them. This summer, as many of us in the UK celebrate getting our jabs, we are demanding vaccines for all.

Here are three things you can do now to be part of the fight for a People’s vaccine

1. Show your support on Facebook

2. Take action in your local area

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3. Sign the petition

Call on governments and pharmaceutical companies to lift patents and share vaccine knowledge

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