Who controls our food?

Small-scale food producers feed 70% of the world’s population, producing food for local markets and communities using ecological techniques. But this is under threat by the growing dominance of corporations in the global food system. Global agribusiness is grabbing more land, pushing privatised seeds and promoting mass usage of expensive farming chemicals. As big business profits, small-farmers struggle to keep control of land, seeds and their way of life.

A better food system is possible

Across the world, small-scale food producers are resisting corporate control and instead promoting food sovereignty. This framework was developed by farmers in the global south and enables communities to control the way food is produced, traded and consumed for the benefit of people and the environment rather than corporate profits.

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Stand with small-scale farmers

Small-scale food producers are experiencing escalating levels of violence and oppression. Their way of life stands in the way of global agribusiness expansion and they are losing their land and their livelihoods.

Negotiations are taking place at the UN on a declaration of rights for small-scale food producers. If successful, this would be an important step to enshrine their rights and help protect small-farmers across the world from violence and persecution.

Campaign successes

Since 2014, Global Justice Now has been campaigning to challenge the role of the UK government in pushing corporate-controlled agriculture through the aid scheme, New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition. Find out about our campaign successes so far.