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Demand a global exit plan from fossil fuels


Extraordinary droughts are killing millions in East Africa. Entire populations could be displaced when Pacific islands sink, potentially this century. The UK is increasingly vulnerable to wildfires.

The climate crisis is escalating worldwide. Those who stand to lose the most are the ones who are the least responsible. But we know who is to blame, and the movement to stop them is growing.

For years, big oil has been making big money from creating a big problem. One that will impact us all, but some politicians don’t seem interested in protecting us from.

Fossil fuels are the main driver of the climate crisis. We urgently need to transition from use of these toxic substances, but despite the abundant potential of renewable energy globally, the fossil fuel industry keeps expanding.

We’ve been calling for big polluters to pay for the damage they’ve caused in the global south. Now it’s time to start dismantling their business models. We need a global exit plan to manage a globally just transition, as fast as is humanly possible.

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What is the Fossil Fuel Treaty?

A growing global movement, spearheaded by governments in the global south, for a much-needed Fossil Fuel Treaty. The treaty would provide a framework for keeping global heating within 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, the target world leaders agreed in 2015 as necessary for preventing runaway climate change.

It would create a fast path to a fair global phase out of fossil fuels, which would stop fossil fuel expansion in its tracks and ensure a globally just transition to clean energy. The Fossil Fuel Treaty would create a global framework for the phase out, with three pillars. Signatories would agree to:

Why do we need a Fossil Fuel Treaty?

Big oil has brainwashed us all into reducing the use of fossil fuels, whilst its CEOs keep making millions from producing them. The main formal space the global movement has to fight back in is the annual UN COP, where decisive action is constantly diluted by an ever-growing delegation of fossil fuel lobbyists.

It has taken nearly 30 years for the UN to name fossil fuels as a problem. COP is still hugely important, but we need a plan that can work more quickly than it can, and is not already tainted by corporate capture. We need a proposal to tackle the fossil fuel industry head on, create a mandate to dismantle polluting business models, and end the fossil fuel era, once and for all.

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The case for climate justice

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