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Join our day of action: Corporate Courts vs The Climate


Climate breakdown isn’t just an ecological crisis, serious though that is. It is a crisis which exacerbates much of the inequality and injustice of the economic system it is rooted in.

Trade and investment deals give corporations huge power and lock us into a fossil-fuel based economy.

Debt and tax injustice drive deforestation and extractivism, which themselves are based on colonial relationships. And it is the people of the global south who are overwhelmingly suffering the effects of the climate crisis, despite the vast majority of historical carbon emissions having come from the global north.

To have any chance of keeping temperature rises to within 1.5C, we need to stop letting corporations write the rules, and start putting the needs of frontline communites first. By building a climate justice movement that challenges the powerful, we can make a world where the needs of people and the planet matter more than corporate profits.

The case for climate justice

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