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Climate: Tell the UK to pay its 'fair share'


Radical action is needed immediately and throughout this decade to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. The global south is already experiencing the most intense impacts of climate change despite being the least responsible for it.

Even within its own limitations, COP26 was largely a failure on climate justice. Yet again rich countries failed to live up to their already insufficient target of providing $100 billion a year in climate finance to the global south. They failed to agree any strong action on fossil fuels, and blocked attempts to provide loss and damage compensation to climate vulnerable countries.

Even worse, many of the biggest issues and contributors to the climate crisis that we need to tackle were not even on the agenda.

For Global Justice Now, dealing with the structural root causes of climate chaos means changing the rules of the global economic system. That is:

  • Changing international trade rules which give power to corporations and block climate action
  • Ending public and private financing of fossil fuel infrastructure in the global south
  • Changing a global debt system which locks the global south into dependency on rich countries and prevents them from investing in climate action
  • Holding transnational corporations to account for undermining human rights and fuelling climate change

The case for climate justice

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