Organise: join a group


At the heart of the network is a set of activist groups that organise across the country. Groups are autonomous, organising and campaigning in the way that works best for them, as part of a wider network.

Groups do everything from banner-drops in support of migrant rights to street actions against corporate trade deals, to organising film screenings and discussions. Groups come together for network-wide meet-ups and trainings, or to participate in international events or mobilisations.

The network is open to anyone under the age of 30 - students, workers, seasoned activists or relative newbies. As of now, there are groups in:

We also know people in Northampton who are keen to set groups up. Email Sam ( if you want to be put in touch with them and get something off the ground.

If you aren’t near any of these places then you can get started by doing some campaigning or start up a group yourself, either way email Sam ( and we’ll take it from there.