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Minister pledges to ‘walk away’ from US trade deal if it means higher drug prices, but government still refusing to release documents which might prove otherwise

Donald Trump arrives in the week before election day and the Stop Trump Coalition, which organised the huge protests against Trump’s visits in July 2018 and June this year, will be out on the streets again on Tuesday 3 December.

Campaign group Global Justice Now today called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to order the release of multiple documents, dubbed the ‘Trump Trade Files’, relating to trade talks between the UK government and the Trump administration, in advance of the general election on 12 December, so that the electorate can be properly informed on the government’s plans for post-Brexit trade.

After a four-year long fight campaigners and patient activists welcome the news this morning that the cystic fibrosis drugs, Orkambi and Symkevi will be made available under the NHS to patients in England. But this protracted price negotiation between the government and Orkambi manufacturer Vertex proves that a system that prioritises private profits over patients needs fundamental change.



Our response to today’s ICAI report on UK aid and the government’s ‘mutual prosperity’ agenda,

Global Justice Now's reaction to the Queen’s Speech.

Health campaigners have welcomed Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement of a range of policies to tackle the failings in the pharmaceutical sector in his speech to the Labour Party conference this afternoon.

Campaign group Global Justice Now issues a damning briefing today on the British government’s sale of surveillance equipment to repressive regimes around the world.

Britain’s political crisis just got much deeper. This morning, the Prime Minster announced he would suspend parliament for five weeks while he puts together a new programme for government. The day after MPs agreed a cross-party plan to avoid No Deal, it’s clear that Johnson’s real purpose is to prevent MPs stopping his dangerous vision for Brexit.

Campaign group Global Justice Now lambasted the free trade policies of Boris Johnson today, claiming they represent both a threat to Britain’s public services and food system, and have brought runaway climate change a step closer. 

Leaders gathering at Biarritz summit are 'driving' world's problems despite claiming to solve them, campaigners say.

Global Justice Now and War on Want have today condemned the announcement by the Prime Minister of Armenia that he is authorising the controversial Amulsar gold mine in southern Armenia.

In a live online address last night, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who came to power last year after a wave of pro-democracy protests dubbed the ‘Velvet Revolution’, announced that the open-cast mine would go ahead.