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Apathy and discontent are a heady mix. MEP candidates in the UK are facing both in this week's EU elections. But is it really the voters who are apathetic?

Barclays, which announced an end to its speculation on food on Tuesday, made up to an estimated £278 million from the trade in 2012. The figure brings the bank’s total revenue from food speculation from 2010 to 2012 to an estimated three quarters of a billion pounds.

The World Development Movement are today announcing a week of protests to be held simultaneously with the RBS AGM on Wednesday 28 April. This will involve protests outside the AGM centre in Edinburgh and RBS branches across the UK. We and oher organisations will be calling for a moratorium on RBS investments in tar sands because of their devastating impact on human rights and the climate.

The World Development Movement has been long critical of the government's pledges for climate finance and international development aid, and has been pressing the government for more information about the small print behind the announcements of cash.

Global Trade Alert a website part-funded by the UK government, was launched last month, has hit the headlines as a weapon in rich countries' armoury in the war of words designed to defeat protectionism and help free trade to conquer all.

George Osborne and his G20 counterparts failed to commit to the controls needed to curb soaring food prices at their Paris meeting which concluded on Saturday.

The finance ministers promised better regulation of commodity markets, where banks and hedge funds bet on the price of basic foods – but campaigners say the measures are not strong enough to prevent speculators driving up prices.

We have recently launched – a website that ranks the countries playing in the World Cup based on development and social justice indicators such as income inequality, maternal mortality rates and carbon emissions per capita.

On March 25, campaigners calling for the European Union to introduce a financial transaction tax staged a symbolic tug of war between Robin Hood and his merry men (and women) and selfish bankers outside the European parliament.

Anti-coal campaigners prepare to first foot the First Minister with 42% '2020' whisky and hundreds of postcards demanding no new coalpower stations.

Over the weekend, party leaders will focus on global poverty as the battle for hearts and minds heats up in the election race. But a ranking carried out by the World Development Movement reveals that none of the three main parties score well on their plans to tackle key international development issues.

The Conservatives fare particularly poorly (3 out of 10), Labour (5 out of 10) and the Liberal Democrats (6 out of a 10) receive a middling rating. The Greens (8 out of 10) come out on top on issues such as trade justice, international aid and IMF reform.

Plans for EU financial reform to be announced today are expected to be insufficient to tackle soaring global food prices, say campaigners from the World Development Movement.

A guided walking tour around Edinburgh’s financial districts this autumn (26 September-26 October) will reveal the hidden story of UK banks, pension funds and hedge funds fuelling climate change by investing in fossil fuel companies and dirty energy projects around the world.