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This Monday WDM campaigners came to the office with big smiles on their faces. Over the weekend, we’d heard that French Oil giant Total, subject to one of our latest online actions, had apparently cancelled its plans to mine tar sands in Madagascar.

High fives all around. Or?

A Bangladeshi human rights worker has written an open letter to Bob Geldof ahead of a meeting tomorrow between the rock star and the UK international development secretary, Justine Greening, telling him that UK aid money is promoting sweatshops in Bangladesh.

The government has been roundly criticised from various quarters for the use of public cash to bail out and prop up RBS.

The headlines over the last few weeks have been dominated by revelations over the expenses claimed by MPs.

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Campaigners have filed a complaint against British coal miner GCM Resources over a controversial open-pit coal mine in Bangladesh, ahead of the company’s AGM in London today. 

After months of fantastic coal campaigning as part of the Big If campaign, World Development Movement activists joined other organisations in a vigil outside the Department for Energy and Climate Change to mark the end of the government’s consultation on coal, which closed on 9 September.

Press release from WDM ally Jubilee Debt Campaign

The British government was told today to take some responsibility for the debt crisis which Iceland is facing. Jubilee Debt Campaign, which works for the cancellation of unpayable and unjust ‘Third World Debt’, called on the British government to support a neutral debt arbitration system to radically reform international lending.

Apathy and discontent are a heady mix. MEP candidates in the UK are facing both in this week's EU elections. But is it really the voters who are apathetic?

Barclays, which announced an end to its speculation on food on Tuesday, made up to an estimated £278 million from the trade in 2012. The figure brings the bank’s total revenue from food speculation from 2010 to 2012 to an estimated three quarters of a billion pounds.

The World Development Movement are today announcing a week of protests to be held simultaneously with the RBS AGM on Wednesday 28 April. This will involve protests outside the AGM centre in Edinburgh and RBS branches across the UK. We and oher organisations will be calling for a moratorium on RBS investments in tar sands because of their devastating impact on human rights and the climate.

The World Development Movement has been long critical of the government's pledges for climate finance and international development aid, and has been pressing the government for more information about the small print behind the announcements of cash.