WDM objects to new coal at Hunterston

WDM objects to new coal at Hunterston

Date: 25 August 2010

WDM objects to Ayrshire Power’s planning application to build a new coal power station at Hunterston in Scotland. Scotland’s climate debt to developing countries will only worsen.

A coal fired power station

Scotland owes a huge climate debt to countries across the world which have had, and continue to have, far lower emissions than us. It is vital that Scotland stops increasing this debt by making large and quick reductions in its own emissions. Building a new power plant at Hunterston will increase Scotland’s climate debt and is the wrong thing to do.  The proposed 1600MW power station, capturing only 15-25 per cent of its emissions, would have horrendous impacts on the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people across the world through the climate change it would cause.

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