WDM joins Black Activists Rising Against Cuts with the launch of MLK 50

WDM joins Black Activists Rising Against Cuts with the launch of MLK 50

Date: 15 March 2013

This week I was proud to represent WDM at the launch of MLK50 at the House of Commons.

MLK50 is an initiative that has been set up by BARAC (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts). BARAC was set up in response to the cuts to, and privatisation of, our public services that has been driven by the neoliberal ideology of the Con-Dem government as a result of the economic crisis. 

Like WDM, but working on a national level, BARAC have been highlighting and campaigning against the devastating impact the neoliberal economic agenda has on the most vulnerable members of society. As WDM has been fighting against a similarly-led agenda that the UK government has been forcing onto countries in the global south, so BARAC have been fighting the austerity agenda forced on UK citizens. Both groups are opposed to the economic injustice visited on the most vulnerable members of society by unfair and discriminatory systems and both organisations offer alternative visions for fairer systems.

The MLK50 campaign calls for ‘Equality in our Lifetime’ and, on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, celebrates and emulates Martin Luther King’s quest for equality.

One of the aims of the MLK50 campaign is to increase the currently low voter participation rate among the black and ethnic minority communities in the UK so that politicians can be held accountable to, and represent, these communities on matters of national importance. 

WDM offers solidarity to the MLK50 campaign and an international perspective that can enable black and ethnic minority voters to also hold their politicians accountable for the policies they adopt that affect their brothers and sisters in the global south. We will keep you updated on how the project develops.

Find out more: http://blackactivistsrisingagainstcuts.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/mlk50-what-happens-to-dream-deferred.html