TTIP is dead according to EU trade ministers

TTIP is dead according to EU trade ministers

Date: 23 September 2016

Responding to the conclusion of the EU Trade Ministers meeting today in Bratislava and numerous ministers saying that the TTIP negotiations could not continue, Guy Taylor, trade campaigner with Global Justice Now who has been present in Bratislava said:

“The death of TTIP is a victory for the ordinary people across Europe who stood alongside trade unions, civil society groups, activists and consumer watchdogs to prevent this massive corporate power grab.

“TTIP’s failure has provoked a desperate scramble by European trade ministers to push through CETA by any means necessary. And CETA, the toxic trade deal between the EU and Canada contains so many of the much-hated characteristics of TTIP that we would essentially be getting TTIP via the back door.

“The protests that have taken place against CETA in Bratislava in the last 24 hours are just a small representation of the hundreds of thousands of people across Europe who have taken to the streets in the last couple of weeks to protect their democracies from this attempted corporate coup. The EU has no mandate to cook up these toxic trade deals behind closed doors and then try to push them through without proper scrutiny taking place in national parliaments.”