Trump is ‘running scared’, claim campaigners after his state visit is put on hold

Trump is ‘running scared’, claim campaigners after his state visit is put on hold

Date: 11 June 2017

Responding to the news that President Trump had put his state visit to the UK on hold out of concerns of mass protests, Nick Dearden the director of Global Justice Now, which is part of the Stop Trump coalition in the UK, said:

“This is an incredible victory. By Trump’s own admission, people power has forced him to postpone this state visit which Theresa May should never have offered in the first place. As part of the Stop Trump coalition, we put tens of thousands of people on the streets earlier this year, and warned they would be multiplied many times over if Trump actually came to the UK. He’s running scared, just like Theresa May. 

“Trump reportedly says he would not come to Britain until the British public support him coming. He’ll be waiting a long time because the tide is finally turning on this wave of populist right-wing politics. This is another major blow for our own Prime Minister, who has peddled her own version of Trump’s politics, lining up with human rights abusing regimes across the world and blaming migrants and foreigners for the problems created by years of neoliberal governments. 

“We must not only be tough of Trump but tough on the causes of Trump’s politics – the free market policies of the last 40 years which put profit ahead of people. If we really want to halt the politics which Trump represents, we need to build an economy and society which puts people first. We won’t be putting away our placards yet – we’ll keep fighting everything Trump represents and the extreme danger posed by his policies on climate change, on immigration, on the middle east, and on civil rights.”

Free, print quality photos of Say No To Trump projected by Global Justice Now on the Houses of Parliament can be obtained here. Photos are free but must be credited to Global Justice Now/Jess Hurd