Stepping into activism – WDM groups gathering

Stepping into activism – WDM groups gathering

Date: 28 July 2011

Rosa Fletcher, used to be Activism and events intern

Making a movement: WDM’s groups gathering is taking place on Saturday 17 September in Nottingham. Find out more and let us know you’re coming.

I always find it daunting taking that first step into a local group meeting, running through my head is the idea that everyone will know each other except me. However, I am always amazed at how welcoming people are towards new members in these situations.

Having been away from London and its activist scene for the past few years, I was partly scared but mostly excited to throw myself back into and meet new people whilst spotting old familiar faces. WDM’s London groups ran an event with author/activist/performance poet Danny Chivers which warmed me up and introduced me to a new crowd of local WDM members.

A few days later I decided to join London Rising Tide, the UK Tar Sands Network and Reverend Billy and & The Church of Earthalujah at the Tate Exorcism. This was a stunt to highlight BP’s twenty year sponsorship of the Tate and the continuation of BP’s fossil fuel investments – contrary to the green image they spend millions on showing to the public. It was a really exciting action and despite not having been involved in London activism for a while, I quickly met people and felt inspired to get more involved with future events and actions.

In these situations it doesn’t matter who you are, who you know, where you work or where you’re from, all that matters is that you’re there standing up for something you believe should change. This is why I find being involved in activism and local group activities so exciting.

National events such as WDM’s upcoming groups gathering in Nottingham provide unique opportunities to interact and network with a completely different group of people. There will be the space to be heard and discuss how to campaign effectively and keep the wider movement’s momentum going. Whether you’re an experienced campaigner, committed group member or first-time activist, the gathering will be useful and fun!

The gathering follows other successful events which have taken place across the country such as WDM’s Africa conference, various local group lobbying and media trainings, and an action-planning workshop in Reading. These events allow the movement to progress each year with unique input from local supporters and a sharing of experiences and skills.

You do not have to commit to taking action, or even to joining a WDM group, but can simply come along to find out more about our campaigns and other global justice issues. It would be great to see people at the event who have not been involved in any local group activity before.

It can be daunting taking that first step into a local group meeting, but events like the Nottingham gathering are a great place to start, allowing you to meet a diverse group of people with similar interests and come away inspired with practical campaigning knowledge and tools.

Find out more about ‘Making a movement: WDM groups gathering’ and let us know you’re coming.

When: Saturday 17 September, 10.30am- 5pm   
Where: Friends Meeting House, 25 Clarendon St, Nottingham, NG1 5JD