Statement on leaked US-UK trade files

Statement on leaked US-UK trade files

Date: 7 December 2019
Campaigns: Trade

A Global Justice Now spokesperson said:

“The leak of the Trump Trade Files has revealed the threat to NHS drug prices, to food standards and to our democracy itself from a US-UK trade deal. Wherever the leak came from, no one has disputed that the documents are real. They are information, not disinformation.

Voters can now clearly see what the Conservative government has been willing to put on the table in these trade talks, and will be able to make an informed choice on 12 December.”


Global Justice Now has been demanding the release of minutes of US-UK trade talks under Freedom of Information law for the last two years. In November it released heavily redacted versions of documents relating to the first two sets of US-UK trade talks, which were subsequently publicised by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the ITV Leaders’ Debate on 19 November.

On 12-13 December Global Justice Now will take the Department for International Trade to the Information Tribunal to demand the formal release of the documents, as well as those relating to more than a dozen other countries the UK has held informal trade talks with since the Brexit vote. The appeal has been filed with the First-tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber), case number EA/2019/0154.

For more information on the Tribunal case, contact Jonathan Stevenson, [email protected]

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