Speak truth to power

Speak truth to power

Date: 20 January 2015

I started working as a fundraiser at the World Development Movement in 2007, almost eight years ago to the day. Coming from a large international development charity, WDM looked like a rare authentic voice, unafraid to speak the truth and to openly challenge the government and big business. This authenticity is what drives me to inspire as many people as possible to become a part of the movement for global justice.

Staff and active members have had a while to get comfortable with our new name, Global Justice Now, but for those who haven’t been living with the change already, it might take a bit longer to get used to. For me, it’s a welcome change. The word ‘development’ in our name had become unsuitable and frankly, on occasions a bit awkward. During a research trip I made to Kenya in 2011, I was mistaken for an aid worker. It was quite difficult to then explain that we were there as campaigners finding out about how food price rises had affected people to support our plea for the UK government to stop backing speculation on food.

The new name has a more radical edge, which better reflects who we are. We take on pressing issues of injustice identified by activists in the global south. Soon after we start talking about an issue publicly, others NGOs follow suit. And this is something we actively encourage. As Global Justice Now, one of our strategic priorities is to build a stronger and more diverse movement capable of bringing about global change.

Joining us with a direct debit is one key way to help build the movement and bring us a bit closer to a more just and equal world. Regular gifts are particularly important for a small organisation like Global Justice Now. Economic and social justice are not won overnight and require long term campaigning to tackle the root causes of poverty and inequality.

We are only able to remain independent and outspoken with the backing of the tens of thousands of individuals who support us. All donations, large and small help us support people around the world reclaim power by using the political system to challenge big business and amplifying the voices of those trying to stop the takeover of their resources.

However you support us, you are taking action. Become a local activist, take one of our actions online or donate via direct debit. With you alongside us, we can confront the power of big business and political elites and stand up for the 99%. Which incidentally is the concept which has inspired the name of our new supporter magazine, which all Global Justice Now members receive three times a year a part of their membership!

If like me you want to be part of an organisation that isn’t afraid to speak truth to power, join the movement for global justice today. Join now with a donation of £5 a month or more and we’ll send you a free hardback copy of Naomi Klein’s new book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism v the Climate

Photo: Looking4poetry/flickr