Reaction: Shell’s profiteering ‘abhorrent’, say GJN
Shell petrol station sign

Reaction: Shell’s profiteering ‘abhorrent’, say GJN

Date: 2 November 2023
Campaigns: Climate

In response to Shell’s 2023 Q3 profits announced today,

Izzie McIntosh, climate campaign manager at Global Justice Now said:

“These abhorrent profits reflect the financial incentives behind Shell’s climate vandalism. Billions are made at the expense of communities around the world and in the UK, who are already seeing their homes and livelihoods destroyed by the fossil fuel economy. As COP28 approaches, this government is ignoring harsh realities. Leaders from the Global South are seeing parts of their countries become unliveable, knowing it is corporations in the Global North who are driving the crisis. Many will want to know why Rishi Sunak has not yet introduced measures to reign in oil giants, and to make them pay for the loss and damage the UK owes.”