Over 40 Global Health Groups Open Letter on Gaza Genocide
Palestinian flag with text 'Health activists in solidarity for Palestine'

Over 40 Global Health Groups Open Letter on Gaza Genocide

Date: 27 February 2024
Campaigns: Pharma

Global Justice Now has joined 40+ organisations in issuing an urgent call to the global health and human rights community, health professional bodies, and global health institutions.

Gaza’s health system has been deliberately bombed out of existence. This is genocide. Silence is complicity.

  • By no means, law, moral, health or ethical code, is this carnage acceptable. It is genocide.
  • We call on all those who have dedicated their lives to anti-racism, decolonisation and the realisation of the human right to healthcare to join us.
  • As health professionals and activists, we are also under a moral obligation to speak out, and to take whatever steps are in our power to halt and prevent this genocide.
  • Israel is deliberately creating conditions under which preventable sickness and death will accelerate even further, particularly among the most vulnerable: people with disabilities, the elderly, the young, and pregnant women, in furtherance of its genocide.

Full letter, list of demands and signatories available at: https://health4palestine.com/