Oil City: site-specific theatre perfomances in London

Oil City: site-specific theatre perfomances in London

Date: 4 June 2013

Oil City is a new piece of site specific theatre produced by Platform, the arts and activism campaigning organisation. It is a spy thriller for the post-Occupy era and takes audiences into the underbelly of London’s oil economy, looking at UK finance for Canadian tar sands projects.

By eavesdropping on business people and seeking out secret documents hidden in dead-drops, you will help piece together a puzzle that interweaves government files with financial deals. But whose truth counts? And what laws apply when lives are on the line but big profits are to be made?

This new piece of site specific theatre has been made as part of Artsadmin’s Two Degrees festival of art and climate change. You can book tickes and see the full programme here.

Oil City performances are at 9am, 1pm and 5pm daily on weekdays from 10th – 21st June, and last about an hour. Fit it in before or after work, or meet a friend for lunch and go on the spy mission together.

Whether or not you can make the performances, you can also explore Platform’s new interactive maps of the two oil cities the theatre piece looks at, Calgary (Alberta, Canada) and London (UK). Go to www.oilcity.org.uk to explore the maps on location to find your own way about the oil and finance sectors of the two cities.