Mass protests pledged for Trump’s third attempt at UK visit

Mass protests pledged for Trump’s third attempt at UK visit

Date: 25 January 2018

Reacting to Theresa May and Donald Trump’s meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where they asked officials to finalise a visit by the president to the UK later this year, Nick Dearden director of Global Justice Now, said:

“The most divisive and dangerous US president of modern times has once again threatened to come to Britain following an embarrassing press conference with Theresa May. The Stop Trump Coalition has already put Trump off coming to London twice, and we look forward to making it third time also unlucky. If he does come, make no mistake, there will be massive demonstrations and protests to show exactly how we feel about this US President, and give voice to those who he has attacked and demeaned.”

“Theresa May should never have offered a state visit to Trump, particularly at a time when he’d just entered office on the back of a disgraceful, hate-filled campaign. This was completely unprecedented and in no way reflected what the British people think of this man. She has no one but herself to blame for this embarrassing situation.

“Unfortunately, May is so desperate for post-Brexit trade deals that she’ll do whatever is necessary to ingratiate herself with Trump. The detrimental costs to our food standards and our public services of such a deal seem of no concern to May.

“It’s astonishing that May can happily sit by while Trump says ‘We have the same ideas and the same ideals.’ But given May’s own horrible history of demonising migrants and creating a hostile environment for them, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. We will continue working to make sure Trump understands he’s not welcome here, and to fight against those aspects of the British government’s own shameful migration policy.”

Photo: Number 10/Flickr