Mass protests planned as Trump visits UK during election

Mass protests planned as Trump visits UK during election

Date: 25 November 2019

Donald Trump’s visit to the UK in the run up to the election will be met with mass protests

Donald Trump arrives in the week before election day and the Stop Trump Coalition, which organised the huge protests against Trump’s visits in July 2018 and June this year, will be out on the streets again on Tuesday 3 December.

Shaista Aziz from Stop Trump Coalition said:
“Trump has already referred to his chum Boris Johnson as ‘Britain’s Trump’, which is why many people will be protesting Trump’s return to Britain on the eve of one of the most important elections in British history.

“Johnson is following in Trump’s footsteps in making our politics ever more divisive and toxic. We reject Trumpism in Britain and the USA, and we reject Trump’s plans for our NHS and country.”

The protest will target the banquet at Buckingham Palace, where Trump will wine and dine with the Queen and Nato leaders.

The protesters will include campaigners challenging Trump on a wide range of issues, from his plan to buy up the NHS in a US-UK trade deal to his denial of climate change.

Nick Dearden from trade campaign group Global Justice Now said:
“A trade deal with the US is a vehicle for massive deregulation and privatisation, fuelling inequality and climate change. It would present an existential threat to the NHS and other public services, push down food standards and threaten farmers’ livelihoods, and give big business massive new powers over future British governments.”

Izzy Warren, an activist with the UK Student Climate Network, said:
“When UK politicians welcome a man like Donald Trump, a notorious climate denier, they ignore the voices of the hundreds of thousands of students in the UK who have been striking for almost a year. Delaying on climate action is just as dangerous as denying it and young people will fight back against both.”

Notes to editors

  • The protest will gather from 5pm on 3 December in a central London location, and march towards Buckingham Palace.
  • This demonstration, supported by the Stop Trump Coalition, is co-organised by CND and Stop the War, and backed by a wide range of other campaigning groups.

Photo: Donald Trump and Boris Johnson talk at the G7 meeting in Biarritz. Credit: White House