Join WDM in our fight for reform of financial markets

Join WDM in our fight for reform of financial markets

Date: 3 March 2011

Sharon Jordan

Tony Benn and Michael Moore in one day! What a treat (well for me anyway), and what better way to celebrate my birthday!

It was the screening of Michael Moore’s ‘Capitalism: a love story’ with a discussion led by Tony Benn afterwards. I’m sure we’re all familiar with Moore’s message about the disastrous impact of corporate dominance on the everyday lives of Americans as democratic processes are sidelined. As we are always told, Britain is about 10 years behind America so it was sobering to watch the effects of America’s equivalent of the ‘Big Society’ in full bloom as we see, what comparatively look like the first buds appearing in the UK as the government pushes through its cuts agenda. Even more sobering to think how much more of an impact the neo-liberal agenda driving the cuts has on people when the west forces it on poor countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The fact that since that film was made there has been a change in government is remarkable considering the stranglehold the old boys network has over the US. Yes there are still problems, but to have a president in power that talks about fighting, rather than going to bed with the banks shows just how far things have changed from just a few years ago when Goldman Sachs employees past and present dominated the corridors of power of  the US government.

The fact that the US is now leading the way in pushing for financial reform is both uplifting and shameful. Uplifting as it shows that change can and does happen even when it looks unlikely. Shameful as it makes clear that it is now the UK government which is the main blocker of new financial regulation supported by the US and Europe.  

WDM is fighting for reform of financial markets that allow bankers to speculate on food, causing increases in prices which are not only felt in the UK, Europe and the US but much further and with more severe consequences in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We are also highlighting the links between the neoliberal agenda that drives the cuts in the UK and impoverishes people in the global south. A change in government actions here will not only make the difference to thousands of lives in the UK, but millions around the world. We may be fighting different cuts in different parts of the world but we are all fighting the same system. 

Join us at 6 Billion Ways on Saturday 5 March – a day of campaigning, inspiration and activism to make another world possible. WDM’s stall will focus on the links in the local, national and international fight for change.

Also join us at the TUC’s ‘March for the alternative: jobs, growth and justice ’ Saturday March 26, assemble 11am at Victoria Embankment, between Temple Place and Blackfriars. Look out for the Cuts Monster and giant pink WDM banner.