‘Inward-looking’ Budget will leave little faith in UK at COP26, campaigners say
Rishi Sunak

‘Inward-looking’ Budget will leave little faith in UK at COP26, campaigners say

Date: 27 October 2021
Campaigns: Aid, Climate, Pharma

Reacting to the Chancellor’s Budget speech, Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now, said:

“All the Chancellor has confirmed today is that he is incapable of looking beyond the UK’s own borders. Locking in aid cuts for a further three years will have a devastating impact, costing countless lives in the global south – and that should weigh on Rishi Sunak’s conscience.

“He has failed to consider the serious threat that global vaccine inequality poses to the UK economy and our national health service, or to recognise that publicly-funded innovations, like Covid-19 vaccines, should be treated as global public goods, available to all.

At next week’s summit in Glasgow, the government wants to be seen as a global climate leader, yet there is nothing in this Budget about climate finance. If the Chancellor’s failure to give the climate more than a passing mention in today’s inward-looking Budget is anything to go by, there will be little trust or faith in the UK’s ability to deliver on its pledges at COP26.”

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Photo: HM Treasury (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)