India blocks Vedanta mine on Dongria-Kondh tribe’s sacred hill

India blocks Vedanta mine on Dongria-Kondh tribe’s sacred hill

Date: 26 August 2010

India has rejected plans by UK-based Vedanta Resources to mine bauxite from indigenous lands in Orissa, India.  The ruling has been described as a ‘landmark victory’ for indigenous rights.

The Royal Bank of Scotland were criticized earlier this year by Amnesty International alongside WDM for providing financial services to Vedanta Resources despite a damaging human rights record in the region.

Liz Murray, Head of Scottish Campaigns said: “The Indian government is right to use its powers to stop Vedanta mining on the tribal lands of the Kutia and Dongria Kondh people. The UK government should follow suit by using its own powers to stop the UK bailed-out banks, such as RBS, from continuing to use taxpayers money to provide finance for these kinds of damaging projects. The UK government could, instead, turn RBS into a green investment bank, investing our money ethically and for sustainable development.”

India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests rejected the mine project proposed by a subsidiary of UK-based Vedanta Resources and the state-owned Orissa Mining Corporation, after finding that the project already extensively violates forest and environmental laws and would perpetrate abuses against the Dongria Kondh adivasi and other communities on the Hills. 

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