ROSEBANK REACTION: “Threat from fossil fuels needs to be seen same way as threat of nuclear war”

ROSEBANK REACTION: “Threat from fossil fuels needs to be seen same way as threat of nuclear war”

Date: 27 September 2023
Campaigns: Climate

Izzie McIntosh, climate campaign manager at Global Justice Now said:
“Despite this government’s shameful attempts to greenwash their decision, the only people who will benefit in the long run are millionaire oil barons and corporate CEOs. New oil and gas exploration is incompatible with the UK’s legally binding climate targets and what we owe to the countries in the global south, who are suffering the worst impacts of the climate crisis despite having done the least to cause it. Rosebank will contribute to climate disasters in the UK and abroad, creating jobs in an unsustainable industry, that will hand its CEOs and wealthy shareholders millions in profit for the remainder of its existence – while taxpayers foot the bill for development.

“Today’s decision demonstrates this government’s priorities: enabling corporate greed over people’s long-term futures. The UK Government must wake up to the climate chaos they are contributing to, immediately revoke consent and pursue one of the many practical and workable routes to a just green transition that works in the interests of people and the environment.”

Liz Murray, head of campaigns at Global Justice Now Scotland said:
“At what point are our politicians going to draw a line in the sand and say that’s enough?  The climate emergency, and the threat from fossil fuels, needs to be seen in the same way as the threat of nuclear war and the need to eliminate weapons of mass destruction. So that means, instead of propping up the profits of fossil fuel giants, who are making obscene amounts of money from the climate emergency that they are in large part responsible for, we need leaders with the courage to draw that line in the sand, say no more new oil and get on with the serious work of making an exit plan from fossil fuels. Rishi Sunak is doing the very opposite of this.

“We urge Scotland’s First Minister to put clear blue water between Scotland and the UK on this and for him to not only condemn today’s shameful decision on Rosebank but also to champion the proposal for a global treaty on fossil fuels that would create this much needed exit plan.”