Five great social movement posters from the walls of the WDM office

Five great social movement posters from the walls of the WDM office

Date: 13 February 2012

If you’ve ever been to the World Development Movement’s offices in South London, you’ll know that our walls are covered in posters from various demonstrations, events and social movement struggles around the world. Earlier today I went around the office and photographed five of my favourites.

Poster from the Zapatista cooperative 'Las mujeres con la dignidad rebelde'

The Zapatista cooperative Las Mujeres con la Dignidad Rebelde, ‘The Women with Rebel Dignity’.  


Poster showing the Narmada Dam movement's struggle

The construction of a dam on the Narmada River, starting in 1989, displaced over 300,000 people and sparked the ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’ social movement. Although the movement lead to the World Bank withdrawing from the project in 1995, the Indian government went ahead with it anyway.


Poster from the G20 alternative mobilisation in 2011

The people’s counter-summit at the 2011 G20 meeting in November 2011. The summit had to be held in Nice, 20km away from Cannes, where world leaders met, due to the complete police lockdown of the city. 


Poster from the Co-madres movement in El Salvdor

The Comadres movement of El Salvador, formed in 1979 as a response to the right-wing Salvadoran government’s brutal repression, has worked for over 30 years to document murders and disappearances.  


Poster for the 2007 climate camp

The 2007 Camp for Climate Action, ‘Climate Camp’, at Heathrow Airport in 2007. Climate camps took place between 2006-2010 in the UK, Belgium, France and Canada and were run by volunteers who organised using consensus decision making models. Note the quote from the Sun on the poster!