Edinburgh and Lewisham are now TTIP free zones

Edinburgh and Lewisham are now TTIP free zones

Date: 25 June 2015

This morning Edinburgh council unanimously passed a motion to express concern about the effects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on local services, jobs, suppliers and democracy. The decision came shortly after Lewisham council unanimously passed a similar motion yesterday evening. 

A number of local councils across the UK have already passed motions opposing TTIP. Their concerns include the fact that TTIP could prevent local councils from making procurement choices from local goods providers. In December 2014, Glasgow council unanimously passed a motion expressing its concerns about TTIP. The TTIP free zone campaign is an initiative by campaign organisation Global Justice Now and UNISON. 

TTIP is currently being negotiated between the EU and the USA. The controversial deal has been widely criticised for being a threat to public services, environmental regulation and workers’ rights. This month the EU-wide petition against TTIP reached 2 million signatures.

Chas Booth, Green member of Edinburgh city council who tabled the motion said:

“I’m delighted Edinburgh Council has unanimously agreed to highlight the threat to local services, environmental regulation and workers’ rights that the TTIP treaty represents. Local initiatives such as the Edinburgh Guarantee which aims to ensure employment or training for young people, and Edible Edinburgh which promotes local food, could potentially be threatened by TTIP. I hope Edinburgh Council’s decision today, coming on top of more than a dozen over councils around the UK who have expressed similar concerns, will help to sound alarm bells about this potential corporate takeover.”

Liz Murray from Global Justice Now Scotland said:

“It’s great news that Edinburgh council has decided to stand up for our democracy. TTIP is a serious threat to local procurement, local services and the protection of our environment. We look forward to working with the council to build a strong campaign against TTIP here in Edinburgh and across Scotland and hope that other Councils soon follow this lead.”

Is your council a TTIP free zone? Find out and join the campaign on: www.ttipfreezone.org.uk