BP slammed for ‘sickening’ $8.5bn profits during cost of living and climate crisis
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BP slammed for ‘sickening’ $8.5bn profits during cost of living and climate crisis

Date: 2 August 2022
Campaigns: Climate

Reacting to the news of fossil fuel giant BP’s second quarter results, Daniel Willis, climate campaigner at Global Justice Now said:

“BP’s latest sickening profits are fuelling the cost of living crisis in this country and driving the climate emergency around the world. As their shareholders line their pockets once again (1), communities in the global south are already facing the devastating impacts of this company’s actions over many years.

BP’s 40,000 mega-tonnes of historic emissions (2) are four times those of all low-income countries combined. It’s high time we started talking about how they are going to pay for the damage they’ve caused. Instead of making billions in profit every few months, they should be paying billions in climate reparations.”


Global Justice Now is a UK-based campaigning organisation.


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