Biodiversity offsetting: Making dreams come true

Biodiversity offsetting: Making dreams come true

Date: 10 July 2014

Biodiversity offsetting makes dreams come true.  As our new mockumentary shows, it is the license that can make bad developers’ dreams a reality.

Biodiversity offsetting, making dreams come true from Global Motion on Vimeo.

Across the world offsets already justify the destruction of irreplaceable ecosystems and the trampling of human rights to make way for mining projects, motorways, pipelines …

Europe is the new frontier for biodiversity offsets. The European Union is considering new legislation that permits biodiversity offsets.

Tell the EU that nature is not for sale by responding to their public consultation before 17th October 2014 and sign our letter to the EU

‘Biodiversity offsetting, making dreams come true’ is a mockumentary by the following organisations:

  • Counter Balance
  • Fern
  • Re:Common
  • Carbon Trade Watch
  • World Development Movement