Theresa May must say 'no' to the trade deal Trump is pushing

Friday, 13 July, 2018

Commenting on Donald Trump's statement that the UK's Brexit plans will 'probably kill' a US-UK trade deal, Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now and steering committee member of the Stop Trump Coalition said:

"Donald Trump is a bully and he has started this weekend's informal trade talks by bullying Theresa May all over the media. This doesn’t mean a trade deal is off. It means, as we’ve always suspected, that the only possible trade deal with Trump will leave the UK as a vassal state of the United States. It will mean no trade deal without a massive attack on our food standards, our NHS, our environmental protection and much more. It will leave US multinational corporations in the driving seat – able to sue our government whenever they step out of line.
"May herself is bending over backwards to prove to Trump that is willing to go down this path of hyper-deregulation and liberalisation. But even that won’t be enough for Trump. Any trade deal will be TTIP on steroids.
"Opinion polls show that such a trade deal will be deeply unpopular with the British public. The government has no mandate for such a negotiation. We’re protesting today to say no to Trump and no to a trade deal with Trump."


1. Public willing to sacrifice US trade deal to protect food safety, 7 April 2018

Photo: NATO/Flickr