Labour to demand veto on post Brexit trade deals - Global Justice Now response

Monday, 25 September, 2017

Responding to the news from the Labour Party Conference that Labour will push for Parliament to have the deciding say on any international trade deal, Jean Blaylock, a trade campaigner with Global Justice Now said:

"Labour is completely correct in identifying the urgent need for parliament to have some means of democratic oversight over the raft of new trade deals that are being developed. These new deals are currently under the remit of Liam Fox, a notorious free-market enthusiast, so it’s highly likely that they would contain provisions that might benefit corporate interests, but would involve stripping back important regulations protecting workers rights, consumer standards and the environment. If we want to have trade deals that benefit the many and not just the few, then it’s vital that such deals are properly scrutinised and debated in parliament."

Sixty eight MPs have signed an EDM calling for parliamentary oversight of new trade deals. Email your MP to sign the EDM >>