TTIP negotiations resume on Monday - let's call time on this failed corporate coup

Friday, 8 July, 2016

In advance of the 14th round of TTIP negotiations starting in Brussels on Monday 11 July, Nick Dearden, the director of Global Justice Now commented:

“The TTIP negotiations were already on pretty shaky ground before the EU referendum, and now the shockwaves of Brexit are threatening to derail the deal entirely. 

"With senior political figures from France and Italy signalling that the deal is dead in the water, surely Celia Malmström should call time on this failed corporate coup.

"The toxic trade deals being pushed by Brussels would only benefit tiny financial elites, while the ordinary people of the EU would be stripped of legal protections of labour rights, consumer standards and public services. If the EU is going to prevent further disintegration after Brexit, it needs to stop prioritising corporate power grabs and start addressing issues such as rising inequality and social exclusion.”