Protests against EU-US trade deal planned in Edinburgh and Glasgow on Saturday

Thursday, 10 July, 2014

Protests are planned in Edinburgh and Glasgow on Saturday 12 July against the trade deal currently being negotiated between the EU and the US.

David Cameron is pushing hard for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which critics have described as a ‘corporate power-grab’ that will threaten Scotland’s democracy. Negotiators will meet in Brussels starting on Tuesday 15 July in an attempt to reach an agreement on the most contentious proposals in the deal.

Edinburgh protest

Where: Outside the National Gallery, in the square at the bottom of the Mound

When: 2.30pm, Saturday 12 July

What: Protestors will hold a corporate robot flashmob, with dancing silver robots representing big businesses and the countries involved in the deal.

Glasgow protest

Where: Outside Hillhead Library, Byres Road, G12 8AP

When: 11.15am, Saturday 12 July

What: Protestors will stage a ‘corporate puppet show’ with public service puppets controlled by corporate bullies, to highlight the threat the deal poses to services like the NHS.

Opponents of the deal believe it could encourage the privatisation of Scotland's NHS, education and water, allowing US companies to run these services. It also threatens to bring the slashing of food and environmental rules to match much lower American standards, and up to a million job losses across the UK, the rest of Europe and the US. The deal would also hand big companies significant new powers, allowing them to sue governments for decisions they believed might reduce their profits.

Nick Dearden, director of the World Development Movement, said today:

Whatever the outcome of the independence referendum, this deal is a threat to democracy in Scotland. It would hand multinational companies unprecedented powers, including the ability to sue a future government for billions of pounds if they didn’t like its decisions. David Cameron waxes lyrical about national sovereignty, but in pushing for this deal he is wilfully handing sovereignty to big business. The deal is not really about trade, it’s about entrenching the position of the one percent. It should be abandoned.

Dr Richard Dixon, director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said today:

This EU-US trade deal risks rolling back hard won citizen and environmental safeguards by classifying them as ‘barriers to trade.’ Under investor protection rules companies will have the right to claim compensation for any government decision which could affect their profits. These anti-democratic investor protection courts could see companies claiming compensation from our government if they attempt to oppose dangerous developments such as fracking or the use of GM crops. It has taken years to build up the laws which protect us from pollution and dangerous products but this anti-democratic deal could sweep away those protections overnight.

Protests against the deal are due to take place in more than 15 towns and cities across the UK on Saturday.

For details of protests across the country and the trade unions and campaign groups involved, visit

Protests are planned in London, Cambridge, Manchester, York, Newcastle, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brighton, Bradford, Bexhill, Derby, Cardiff, Sheffield, Swindon, Norwich and Reading. In Ireland, a protest is planned in Dublin.

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