WDM's human blackjack game wins digital campaign of the week

Heidi Chow, Food campaigner

Last Friday, WDM’s human blackjack game won Third Sector’s digital campaign of the week. Third Sector is the UK’s leading publication for the voluntary and not-for-profit sector and has over 80,000 readers.

Third sector praised WDM’s web based campaign:

"The subject area of the campaign is a difficult one to convey…However, WDM has taken a fun and interactive approach to drive home its message, meaning it is less complex and more engaging…"

The online game has had over 5000 views and takes people on a journey into the shadowy world of food speculation. Players select a character to play and as they play the card game, blackjack (also known as 21 or pontoon), they discover the gambling that takes place every day in the financial markets where bankers’ betting on food prices is driving up the price of basic food across the world.

The game is still online, play it here and get yourself onto the leaderboard. Remember all that is required is compassion – not cash.