Copenhagen climate summit

This December 7-18 negotiations will take place in Copenhagen in an attempt to reach an international agreement to tackle climate change.

Copenhagen Climate Summit logo

The World Development Movement, along with social movements and governments from the global south, has been calling for the UK and the rest of the rich world to repay its ‘climate debt’ at Copenhagen – the money the rich world owes to the world’s poorest people for causing climate change.

The World Development Movement will be in Copenhagen for the duration of the summit keeping an eye on the negotiations and taking part in events outside the conference centre. We’ll be blogging on this website to keep you updated.

On the 5th December we’ll also be at The Wave in London and Glasgow where tens of thousands of people will demonstrate their support for a safe climate future for all.

Repaying our climate debt at Copenhagen

The UK has grown rich on the back of burning fossil fuels, which has driven us to the point of climate catastrophe. The global south should not have to pay the price of a crisis it didn’t create.

However, rather than acknowledging this massive debt to the global south, rich countries and corporations are seeking to use the negotiations to promote their own financial benefit and political power.

Against the wishes of the global south the UK government, along with other rich countries, is insisting that climate finance be channelled through the World Bank, an institution controlled by rich countries and well known for its support of fossil fuels. This finance would be delivered as loans rather than grants pushing the global south into further unjust financial debt. Rich countries are also insisting that offsetting, which often fails to actually cut emissions, should count towards their debt. World Bank and corporate lobbyists will be attending the negotiations in order to push these ‘solutions’ which benefit the rich. For more on this campaign click here

Copenhagen: the line up

Here are some of the events and actions going on during the week. Exact times will be confirmed in the near future. If you are going to Copenhagen during the summit we can send you a detailed pack of information about the city and events during the week. Get in touch with us at for more information.

Global day of action 12th December

Here’s what will be happening in Copenhagen on the 12th:

Morning: Christian Aid pledges are handed over by Desmond Tutu.

Later: The Flood – people will ‘flood’ through the streets of Copenhagen to call for climate justice.

Afternoon: March to the conference centre as part of world-wide synchronised demonstrations to call for action on climate change


From the 7-18 December the Klimaforum in Copenhagen will provide a space for people from across the world to discuss and develop ideas on how to create a socially just and sustainable future.

The programme includes workshops, debates, exhibitions and cultural events looking at climate change from a global perspective. You can find out more and see the draft programme here

If you are interested in coming to Copenhagen please contact for more information.