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CDC Group using international aid money to invest in private health and schools, fossil fuel projects and companies accused of human rights abuses, many based in tax havens.

As campaign group Global Justice Now finished the final day of their legal attempt to force the UK government to release details of trade talks with more than a dozen countries this week, government lawyers admitted that further trade talks are underway with unnamed countries, which the public is not even allowed to know are happening. 


A sixth development secretary in five years speaks volumes about the government’s lack of interest in fighting global poverty.

Liz Truss has today put out some reassuring platitudes about her trade plans leading to a land of milk and honey, but the leaked trade papers have already revealed a different story.

‘No alignment’ pledge shows UK is heading for a ‘shock doctrine Brexit’, say campaigners

“He’s clearly rattled by the scale of opposition to a US trade deal – and he should be”.

The undersigned civil society organisations are concerned that the UK is seeking to rollover the EU-Morocco Association Agreement into UK legislation without due attention to the ongoing Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara.


Open letter criticises use of UK aid money to promote business opportunities for British corporations and the City of London.

As representatives of civil society and the international development sector in the UK, we would like to raise our concerns about the upcoming UK Africa Investment Summit on 20 January 2020.

Global Justice Now returned to court today to challenge Boris Johnson’s government to release details of secret trade talks held with at least 21 countries including the USA, China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.


Responding to today’s story in the Financial Times (1), which states that Boris Johnson is “planning to fold the UK’s Department for International Development into the Foreign Office if he wins this week’s election”, Daniel Willis (Policy & Campaigns Manager at Global Justice Now), said:

“These reports will be no surprise to those who have witnessed the Conservatives’ increasing attempts to redirect aid towards supporting British economic interests since the Brexit vote." 

Campaigners will challenge the Department for International Trade in court on Thursday 12 December over its failure to release full details of dozens of post-Brexit trade talks. The papers, including the redacted minutes of US-UK negotiations which have become a major political issue during the general election, were released to campaign group Global Justice Now in heavily redacted form earlier this year. But campaigners claim the blacked out documents are an affront to democracy, arguing that the far-reaching implications of trade deals today necessitate high levels of transparency and scrutiny which the government is blocking.