We once were migrants too: supporting migrants' rights in Scotland

July 2017

Across the UK, migrants are under attack and xenophobia is on the rise. Since the EU referendum, the situation has worsened, with a sharp rise in racist attacks. While racism and xenophobic attitudes persist in Scotland as in the rest of the UK, the political and historic situation is a little different. In contrast to Westminster's rhetoric, political leaders in Scotland over the last 20 years have welcomed immigrants as key players in an open, inclusive and multicultural Scotland. Scotland has a smaller migrant population than the rest of Britain, and needs immigration to help its declining population to prosper. Historically too, Scottish people are aware that previous generations of Scots chose immigration to America and Canada particularly in order to escape the crises of poverty, inequality and war.

Read the briefing to find out more about how our historical and political background influences our attitude to migration in Scotland, and how we can support the rights of migrants living in Scotland.

Photo: Gareth Harper http://www.photoecosse.net

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