Join us on the Road Through Paris

This December, world leaders will be meeting in Paris to negotiate a new deal on climate change. With extreme weather conditions, such as droughts and floods, pushing millions of people into poverty finding a solution is more important than ever.
The Road Through Paris

But these negotiations are very unlikely to bring a solution to climate change. Over the past 20 years of climate talks, the fossil fuel lobby has successfully diluted targets and pushed for false solutions that are ineffective in reducing emissions and increase the gap between rich and poor.

We believe that what is needed is system change, not climate change. This change will not be made by corporations or world leaders. Rather it will be made by us as a global movement of citizens.

We will go to Paris to strengthen the movement for climate justice. To build the solutions to stop climate change we need to fight for a world that isn’t defined by corporate interests. We want you to be there with us. So come along.

Come to Paris on 12 December

We are working with Friends of the Earth to organise train travel to Paris from London on 11 December, and returning on 13 December. We still have a few Eurostar tickets left. There is also accommodation available, organised with the French coalition Coalition Climat 21 which costs £47 (plus transaction fee) per person for two nights. There is also free floor space accommodation.

A provisional timetable can be found here.


If you are travelling independently to Paris, you can also sign up for email updates about events and actions happening during the COP in Paris.


You can find the latest blogs and news from Global Justice Now on this page.


We will be distributing newspapers which you can view and download here. Let us know if you'd like to order a large number to distribute.


During the two weeks of the COP there will be more and more actions blooming, particularly in Paris. From 5 December onwards, a big space for convergence, debates and mobilisation will be open to all those who want to take part in this citizen mobilisation as well as contribute to alternative solutions to climate change. Global Justice Now staff will be in Paris from this point.

* We are supplying some subsidised places for low or unwaged young people. For more info phone 020 7820 4900 or email Ed

For those who want to go for longer: Reclaim the Power with People & Planet are organising affordable coach travel offering a longer stay in Paris. For more info: