Join our climate justice network

Join our climate justice network

Join the Global Justice Now climate network

Global Justice Now and our network of local activists first started campaigning on climate change in 2007. We’ve demanded legally binding reductions in carbon emissions, exposed false solutions pedalled by corporations to maintain the status quo and worked with movements in the global south to ensure their voices are heard.

Our ability to prevent dangerous climate change has also been central to some of our other campaigning work, whether that’s the way big trade deals worsen climate change, or the carbon emissions pumped out by agribusiness.

Today our climate justice campaigning is co-ordinated by a national network of Global Justice Now activists and staff. We’ve been part of a push for energy democracy in Manchester and London and supported the movement for local council pension funds and universities to stop investing in fossil fuel companies.

If you think we need system change to tackle climate change then our climate justice network could be for you. Email [email protected] or call 020 7820 4900 and ask for the activism team to find out more.