Join the fight against corporate courts

After Brexit, the UK will decide on its own trade policy. Without parliamentary powers to scrutinise and approve trade deals, the government is championing one of the worst parts of trade and investment deals - corporate courts. Officially known as Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), corporations are using secretive courts to sue governments for policies such as raising the minimum wage, introducing rules to protect the environment and putting health warnings on cigarette packaging.

Across the world taxpayers are forced to cough up billions of pounds, which could be used for healthcare or education, to ‘compensate’ corporations for democratic decisions that protect people and planet.

But people are fighting back, and countries like South Africa, Ecuador and Indonesia have already ripped up these toxic deals. Join the global fight back against these corporate courts.

As the UK decides its trade policy after Brexit, sign this petition to make sure that ISDS has no place in the our post-Brexit trade and investment policy.


We're part of the UK Stop ISDS coalition, a group of campaigners and organisations fighting against corporate courts.