Politicians love telling us a story of how benevolent, rich countries are helping "poor people in Africa"
with billions of pounds in aid. We're led to believe our kindness and pity can help Africa because it
lacks the capacity to help itself. But is this really true? Click on the slider below to find out more

The 805 million people worldwide without enough to eat aren't hungry because there isn't enough food in the world. Feeding the poor is never as profitable as feeding the rich, and multinational companies ensure that food is exported to more lucrative markets. Click on the countries to find out more.
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Cashew nuts exports


Despite having malnutrition of 18%, Guinea Bissau exports 77,451 tons of cashew nuts. 99% of exports are food.

Corn/Maize exports


Despite having malnutrition of 26%, Uganda exports 103,950 tons of Corn/Maize

Beans exports


Despite having malnutrition of 35%, Ethiopia exports 359,505 tons of beans. 66% of all Ethiopian exports are food.

Crustaceans exports


Despite having malnutrition of 30%, Madagascar exports 359,505 tons of crustaceans
Africa has just 15% of the world’s population, but…
Platinum is a valuable metal used in jewellery and catalytic converters, but most of the profit doesn't benefit people in Africa.
Diamond is an extremely valuable material, but most of its huge wealth ends up outside Africa.
Cobalt is used in the production of mobile phone batteries and jet engines, but most benefits of this resource end up outside the continent.
Manganese is used in aluminium alloys and in the production of iron and steel. But most African manganese is used outside of the continent or to make export products.

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