Growth, degrowth and climate justice


Saturday 23 February, 12noon-5pm

St Marks Church, 337 Kennington Park Road, London SE11 4PW (for opening session) plus Kennington Park Community Centre for some parts of the programme. Oval tube station for both.

With Jason Hickel, author of The Divide: a brief guide to global inequality and its solutions

And Ann Pettifor, prizewinning economist and author of The Production of Money

Economic growth is a shibboleth of modern politics, but is it compatible with climate justice? Do rich countries need to ‘degrow’, and if so, what would that actually look like? Join us to discuss what the politics of degrowth might mean for organising to stop climate breakdown.



12noon Opening plenary with Ann Pettifor and Jason Hickel

1.30pm Lunch break (please bring your own or there is a food market in the church yard)

2pm Parallel workshops:

  • Degrowth and the global south (with Julien-François Gerber and Dorothy Guerrero)
  • What are the biggest barriers to a post-growth prosperity? (with Beth Stratford)
  • Post-growth alternatives: Co-ops, the commons and the solidarity economy (with Andy Marks)

3.10pm Reportback from workshops to all participants

3.30pm Facilitated session on forming some common principles on degrowth for Global Justice Now’s work

4.30pm Planning future activity for our climate justice network

5pm Close

The Ecologist magazine is our media partner for this event.