Group updates

Here's an overview of what the youth network groups have been up to recently. If one of these goups is local to you, check out the main youth network page where you can find links to their Facebook groups. If you want to start your own group, email and we'll give you all the help you need to set up a dynamic local campaigning group.  


The London group has been active in the Stop Trump coalition, heading to the streets for each of the big mobilisations demanding that Trump is not given a state visit to the UK. They’ve also been organising creative stunts around CETA, the corporate stitch up trade deal currently going through the EU by holding a funeral for democracy. The marched through Southbank dressed in all black, carrying a coffin, representing the death of democracy and rights if toxic trade deal CETA comes into place.

The London group are organising for We Rise, where several group members will be helping to facilitate sessions.


The Falmouth group held a screening of Precarious Trajectories, a film about migration and the unsafe routes migrants are being forced to take, followed by a participatory discussion. They are organised a very successful training session with HOPE not hate, ‘Having difficult conversations about migration’, and are planning follow-up actions.


Manchester held a screening of ‘The Corporation’ followed by a participatory discussion to engage fellow students in debate around the damaging effects of a world dominated by corporate power. The group have now shifted focus to the Stop Trump campaign, holding a campaign stall on the day that parliament debated whether to grant Trump a state visit to the UK. Watch their short video their action on facebook.


The new York group have been super-active this year.  After organising a film screening and discussion of I, Daniel Blake the organised a Bridges not Walls banner drop held across the UK on Trump’s inauguration day, dropping a banner that read ‘Build bridges not walls’ on a bridge in central York. They also participated in the They got active for One Day Without Us, getting students on campus to write messages of solidarity with migrants in the UK, and most recently organised a public protest and Marks and Spencer for advertising in the Daily Mail.  


Leeds have been doing actions across Global Justice Now’s campaigns. They organised a film screening of ‘This Changes Everything’ to talk climate politics, they made their presence known at the Leeds Stop Trump protest with their ‘Theresa the appeaser’ banner and they’re working on their own Leeds specific campaign campaigning against Twining’s unacceptable treatment of their workers and it’s corporate presence in their university.


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