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Episode 4: Trade Wars: What’s next after Brexit?

Joined by trade campaigners Kierra Box, Sonia Adesara and Nick Dearden, we’ll explore what trade might look like now that Britain has left the EU. What could this mean for our food standards, for our NHS, for climate change and more? What kind of deal will Boris Johnson strike with the EU and what is he willing to sacrifice for a deal with Trump’s America? This episode of the Global Justice Podcast is co-hosted by Heidi Chow, campaigner at Global Justice Now, and Malise Rosbech, communications manager at Global Justice Now.

Created by: Malise Rosbech
Photo credit: The White House/Flickr
Music: Brylie Christopher Oxley, Remnants of Effervescence

Episode 3: Radical roots of International Women's Day

On 8 March we celebrate International Women's Day. What started off as a radical socialist movement is now an international day of celebration. Yet, at a time when women are incarcerated and kept in inhumane conditions at Yarl’s Wood, and female garment workers in poorer countries are lacking basic workers’ rights, is this really enough? International Women's Day started out as a day of campaigning – not celebrations – and we must not overlook its radical roots. Because lots of the same issues women were battling 100 years ago, we’re still facing today. Join our hosts Radhika Patel and Malise Rosbech to find out more about the history of International Women's Day.

Created by: Malise Rosbech and Radhika Patel
Photo Credit: Library of Congress/Wikipedia
Music: Brylie Christopher Oxley, Remnants of Effervescence


Episode 2: How Corporate Courts Work: The Case of the Amulsar Gold Mine


Global Justice Now and War on Want went to Armenia in June 2019 to find out more about how the locals have been resisting Lydian’s toxic plans by blockading the entrances to the mine and how corporate courts can be used by multinationals to force governments into submission. Listen to our new episode of the Global Justice Now podcast to hear from locals and activists in Armenia, and UK-based campaigners about what we can do to support the campaign and stop corporate courts.


Created by: Malise Rosbech

Music: Strange Dream by David Hilowitz @ Free Music Archive 

Episode 1: What is the 'hostile environment'?


A year ago, we saw story after story in the news about how people of a whole generation of Commonwealth citizens, who’d been living in the UK for decades were left homeless, wrongly detained, denied their legal rights and threatened with deportation. A year on from these brutal events, it’s important to understand that they didn’t just happen because some people didn’t have the ‘right documents’ – they were a direct result of the government’s horrific approach to immigration enforcement also known as the hostile environment policies instituted by Theresa May in 2012.

In this very first episode of the Global Justice Now podcast, I’ll be looking into what exactly the hostile environment policies are and how they affect people and society as a whole. We’ll also be hearing more about why they came about and what we can do to challenge them.

Created by: Malise Rosbech
Music: Creepy Delta Ship by Sro @ Free Music Archive