Get prepared for an action-packed autumn


Summer time is usually one big party but summer 2016 gave us little to celebrate. With the Maybot’s popularity on the up and no viable movement to oppose her, summer was looking bleak.

Fast forward 12 months and it couldn’t be more different. In the wake of a young and angry political avalanche we’ve changed the national discourse. Hope is back. No small feat. This summer is the time to celebrate being young and political.

Now is the time to get organised and fight for a future we want to see. But even with better politicians in government, real power doesn’t just lie in parliament. We need to use people power to challenge the economic power of corporations and the 1%. Real powerful change comes from people organising on the streets, in their colleges and their communities; uniting and calling for something different. It’s in these moments that radical shifts can happen. 

But thinking big doesn’t mean you can’t start small. Global Justice Now has just launched two stunt packs to give you a few ideas for how you can get your views heard and change the narrative. Order yours now by emailing with your name, address and date of birth.


Stop Demonising Migrants

Hate-filled media stories are creating a violent culture of hostility towards migrants and refugees. A recent United Nations report singled out the UK’s media as being “uniquely aggressive in its campaigns against refugees and migrants.” They relentlessly portray migrants in a negative light, only ever seeing them as a problem and never as human beings who can enrich the societies where they relocate. Given the rise in violent hate crime that we’ve seen in recent months, we need to stand up to the parts of the media that are helping legitimise racist and xenophobic attitudes. 

We’re teaming up with People and Planet to pull the funding from the likes of the Daily Mail and Express. Advertising money from companies such as Marks and Spencer and Specsavers enables these newspapers pump out hatred against migrants and refugees. We can stop this. Order our action pack today.

This pack includes: 
  1. Posters
  2. Stickers
  3. Badges        
  4. Migration info sheets
  5. Stop funding hate campaign postcards
  6. Stunt ideas
  7. How-to-guides
  8. Sign up sheets

Dangerous Deals being Done in the Dark

Donald Trump has promised Theresa May a UK-US trade deal “very, very quickly” after Brexit, but from relaxing rules around chlorinated chicken to US healthcare firms getting their hands on the NHS, the deal will be a charter for corporations. Meanwhile trade minister Liam Fox has been cosying up to authoritarian leaders around the world, claiming new trade deals can be the solution to our post-EU problems. Yet current rules allow the government to strike these deals without any public scrutiny or parliamentary oversight. We stopped TTIP – but now we need a trade policy which puts people, and democracy, before profit.

Order our action pack to kick start the campaign for trade controlled by the people.

The pack includes:

  • Posters
  • Badges
  • Trade info sheets
  • Deals in the Dark MP lobby action cards
  • Action ideas
  • How-to-guides
  • Sign up sheets

Order your pack now by emailing with your name and address.

Join the movement for change this autumn. Get involved with the Global Justice Youth Network.

Wondering if there’s a group near you? See our groups list on our website. If there’s no group but you want to get active email to discuss how we can support you.