Recycle to fundraise

Recycle to fundraise

Turn your inkjet into people power

You can raise money for Global Justice Now and cut down on your landfill by recycling your inkjet cartridges. We get up to £1 for every inkjet cartridge you send to Recycle for Charity.

Request your Freepost envelope by emailing or calling 0207 820 4900.

Why recycle?

Across the world, multinational corporations are pushing communities off their lands, and destroying their livelihoods, in order to extract resources like oil and precious metals. This also causes severe environmental damage. And it has to stop.

Recycling will not shift the power over our resources away from big business. But it is an important step away from a throwaway culture. And by recycling your inkjet, you can help make our campaigns for lasting change possible. For a world where control of the planet’s resources lies in the hands of the many, not an elite few.

Our hard-hitting campaigns confront big business and push for policies that put people first. Your donation could help us carry out essential research, produce reports, meet activists from the global south, hold events, take action, and more.

Can I recycle my inkjet cartridge?

You can recycle your inkjet cartridge if it has a circuit board – the bit where the ink comes out – and if it is made by HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Samsung or Neopost. Recycle for Charity recycle up to 188 different inkjet cartridges; you can check the full list here.

Please check that your inkjet cartridge is in the right condition before sending it off for recycling. Recycle for Charity will only recycle cartridges that still carry the original equipment and the manufacturers’ branding. Unfortunately, cartridges that are damaged, have already been refilled, have had their labels removed or have extra holes, cannot be recycled. Find out more here.