Leave a gift in your will

Leave the future to a voice you can trust

Thank you for your interest in leaving a gift in your will to Global Justice Now. You’re making a vital step in working together towards the more just world we all want to see. A world where people’s lives count for more than corporate profits.

Your gift will keep your values alive after you’ve gone

Over two thirds of our income comes from people like you. Which means that a gift in your will, whether small or large, could really make the difference of winning a campaign. The majority of all donations we receive go to the heart of our campaigns. You could support future policy development and report publications; our campaigners to lobby MPs through meetings; the printing of materials to raise awareness about key issues, or the mobilisation of the public to take action when it matters the most.

How you can include a gift to Global Justice Now in your will

We understand that family and friends come first when considering what you want to look after when you’re gone. And that giving a gift to Global Justice Now is a big decision for you to make, that can’t be done overnight. We’d like to do as much as we can to help you in making this decision. Our handy Will Guide outlines the different ways of giving this special gift, and details what you might want to consider.

To request our Will Guide simply email Polly along with your address using this email [email protected] and she’ll send it straight to you. Alternatively call Polly on 0800 328 2153 for a friendly chat.

People like you have helped make some vital wins.

You can count on us to stand up for what you believe in after you’ve gone. And to shout loudly. We do hard-hitting, in depth research into injustice and expose the corporations and decision makers responsible. Working alongside people like you, grassroots activists and organisations we mobilise a movement that demands change, and won’t back down until it’s won. For almost fifty years we’ve had vital wins. And you can make sure we will in the future. Here are just a few:

  • In 1976 we exposed the terrible working conditions and pay endured by tea workers worldwide. A few years later we launched our own fairly-traded tea and in 1992 helped found the Fairtrade Foundation.
  • In 1985 when the UK aid budget was under threat we forced the government to protect it and up the fund by £47 million.
  • In 2005 we stopped UK water company Biwater buying up and privatising Ghana’s public water services.
  • In 2014 we won new EU regulation to stop banks and hedge funds driving up food prices through speculation.
  • In 2016 we worked with EU allies and stopped the toxic EU-US trade deal TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), which would have given more power to big business to take over our public services and damage the environment.


Hear from supporters like you why they have given this special gift

‘I am leaving Global Justice Now a gift in my will because the work they do is of the greatest importance. It is a long, hard battle we are embarked on – not just for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren.’ Dr Chamberlain, Global Justice Now member and legacy pledger

‘I have decided to leave a legacy to Global Justice Now in my will because I believe that they really do take active steps towards a more just and equal world and I want to be a part of that. I’ve been a regular giver by direct debit for decades during my life-time and it’s good to be able to extend that a bit after death with a small legacy. Every bit counts!

‘Global Justice Now has a special place in my heart because they tackle fundamental issues head-on, such as climate change, trade issues and our ever-vulnerable democracy. They are not afraid of rolling up their sleeves to take on tough political fights where influencing politicians, industrialists and public opinion is a hard nut to crack. These are all long term issues which require knowledge, patience and skills as well as cash.

‘Global Justice Now sees these issues as world-wide threats and opportunities. While working both at a national level and harnessing the commitment and skills of people around our country, they make meaningful links of equality with grassroots organisations in other countries, aiming to work together on issues affecting us all in this deliate and fast-changing world.’ Gwen Backwell, Global Justice Now member and legacy pledger