Contact us to get involved

Contact us to get involved


Want to get active to help build a world in which people come before profit? Get in touch with the youth network team on [email protected]

Supporting activism

Global Justice Now’s youth network is a space for young people to come together, share ideas, experiences and take action for social, environmental and economic justice as part of a movement against global inequality.

The youth activism team can help you get involved in activism, supports new groups to form and keeps the existing network thriving. We run trainings, workshops, actions and provide bespoke support to activists.

Our work is centred on supporting individuals and groups as part of an international movement and in solidarity with those in the global south. Here are some examples of the ways that we can support you.

  • Trainings; we run trainings on many things including planning stunts or protests, organising public meetings, campaign strategy, social media for activism, facilitating meetings.
  • Resources; check out our resources page 
  • Guidance; we’re happy to chat one to one with you about ways to get active just drop us an email on [email protected].