Educate yourself

Educate yourself


Underlying the power and wealth of the 1% is a set of myths about the way the world works. The idea that a society based on competition is natural and inevitable, the assumption that inequality is justified because of the talent and hard work of the super-rich and the belief that as Margaret Thatcher said, ‘there is no alternative’ to a system that puts profit before everything else. By educating ourselves we can begin to challenge these ideas and expose them for the myths that they are. Through events, discussion groups, sharing experiences and writing, we explore exciting, inspiring ideas about how things can be different.

A global justice reader

Making Another World Possible – an activist reader – A collection of articles and interviews on violent borders, struggles against corporate power in Latin America and Europe and the future of the climate justice movement.

Writing for the youth network

Youth network members and activists regularly blog about their campaigns, activities and ideas. Want to write about corporate power, activism or social injustice? Then email [email protected] with your ideas, and check out our blogging guide to help you.

Online resources

A summary of our online resources can be found here