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Youth network

Youth network

Global Justice Now’s youth network is a space for young people to come together to share ideas and experiences and take action.  

Across the globe, the most conservative forces in society have become emboldened and the rich and powerful are using an ongoing economic crisis to strengthen themselves at the expense of the majority. Young people are bearing the brunt, faced with a life of debt, insecure employment and anxiety.

The network has been set up to make sure that youth voices are a part of global movements against corporate power, inequality, climate change and racism. Get involved if you want to help build a world in which people come before profit.

Become a young member

You don’t have to be a formal member to be involved in our youth network, but we rely on regular membership income to keep organising and stay independent and radical. Members also get a democratic say in what we do.

If you’re under 26, you can join at the reduced youth rate of £1/month.

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