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Internationalist network

Our Internationalist Network is a way for local associations, trade union branches and other groups to plug into international solidarity efforts, the fight against global corporate power and the campaign work of Global Justice Now.

(If you want to join Global Justice Now as an individual member you can do so here.)

When the American Civil War broke out in 1861, the Union navy enforced a blockade of the southern slave states. The cotton which had previously fed the Lancashire cotton mills dried up and thousands became unemployed. Yet while mill owners and shipping magnates encouraged the British government to aid the Confederacy and break the blockade, cotton workers ran a campaign to support the Union and its promise to abolish slavery.

Not all internationalism involves such dramatic choices, but down the generations, progressives and radicals in England, Scotland and Wales have made common cause with struggles around the world.

Today the global economy is more connected than ever and the power of big business is both international and growing. Yet we are also now seeing nationalist authoritarianism on the rise, in part as a backlash against the effects of corporate globalisation.

Global Justice Now works on many aspects of the internationalist agenda. We oppose ‘free’ trade deals and demand trade democracy; we fight for a just and urgent solution to the climate crisis; we demand aid that supports public services, not private profits; we act in solidarity with migrants and look to a world beyond borders.

We have local groups around the country who campaign on these issues in their communities. But if you’re part of another local group which wants to work with us on some of our campaigns and bring an internationalist dimension to the political life of your organisation, then our Internationalist Network is for  you.

By signing up to our Internationalist Network, your group or organisation will get:

  • A mailing three times a year with copies of our magazine for your members and information about our latest campaign initiatives.
  • An opportunity to book Global Justice Now speakers for your meetings.
  • Help and advice on relevant campaigning, from understanding the issues to how to set up a trade justice coalition in your region.
  • A connection to global movements for social and economic justice.

Our Internationalist Network is for local political party branches, trade union branches and regions, local campaign or advocacy groups, socially-committed religious associations or any similar groups to these. You don’t have to sign up for every nuance of our positions – just be in general sympathy with what we do.

If you’d like someone from Global Justice Now to speak to a meeting of your group before deciding to join the network, email [email protected] or call us on 020 7820 4900.

Being part of the network doesn’t cost you anything, but if your organisation is able to help us with the cost of running it, the easiest way to do that is through affiliation. Affiliation costs £35 for local organisations (more for regional and national ones) and as well as helping us, gives you a democratic say in Global Justice Now along with our members. If you need a motion to affiliate, you can use this document.